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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11145775112614532742058114*Benjamin R ChristieWembley Districts2017/20187th Grade2 1Bassendean
21063468712614532742058106Alistair TURNERWembley Districts2017/20187th Grade2 1Bassendean
386951871261453279612186*Stephen HennessyWembley Districts2017/2018One Day 21 1Curtin Victoria Park Gold
483457761261453273853483Neket D ShahWembley Districts2017/20181st Grade1 1Murdoch University Melville
5741006631261453274230174Tim MarlowWembley Districts2017/2018One Day 12 1Swanbourne
6641123311261453274153164Matthew LombardoWembley Districts2017/20183rd Grade2 1Nollamara
763951871261453279612963Stephen HennessyWembley Districts2017/2018One Day 22 1Fremantle Mosman Park
86242701261453273853462*Joshua P ManganWembley Districts2017/20181st Grade1 1Murdoch University Melville
9577937811261453280859057Suresh PereraWembley Districts2017/2018Twenty20 Div 11 1Bedford Morley
105423291261453273853854Craig KingWembley Districts2017/20181st Grade2 1Bedford Morley
1153824061261453274230153Todd MarlowWembley Districts2017/2018One Day 12 1Swanbourne
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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